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Five Islands Glass takes personalizing your Charleston bathroom design to the next level with custom glass enclosures, transforming mundane bathrooms into stunning and functional spaces. Each glass enclosure is meticulously tailored to fit the unique layout and style of the bathroom, making it the missing piece needed to elevate the overall aesthetic.

From frameless shower enclosures that create a sense of luxury and openness to intricately designed glass partitions that add a touch of elegance, we ensure that every detail is crafted to perfection. By blending innovation and craftsmanship, these personalized glass enclosures not only enhance the beauty of Charleston’s homes but also provide a cozy retreat, turning a standard bathroom into an extraordinary and amazing oasis.

glass shower enclosure and door

Shower Enclosures & Doros

Types of Shower Enclosures and Doors

Shower enclosures in Charleston come in various types, each offering unique features and aesthetics to suit different preferences. Frameless shower enclosures provide a modern and spacious look with seamless glass panels held together without any visible frame, offering a clean and minimalist design. Semi-frameless shower enclosures feature partial framing around the glass panels, providing a balance between structural support and an open feel. Framed shower enclosures, on the other hand, have visible metal frames around the glass, offering added stability and a classic look. Corner shower enclosures are designed to fit snugly into a corner, optimizing space while providing a sleek and polished look. These different types of shower enclosures cater to diverse needs, styles, and space requirements, allowing homeowners in Charleston to choose the option that best complements their bathroom and enhances their bathing experience.

Frameless Glass Shower Doors
Framed Glass Shower Doors
Semi-Frameless Glass Shower Doors
Sliding Glass Shower Doors
Hinged Glass Shower Doors
Curved Glass Shower Doors

Contemporary Elegance

Frameless doors exude a sleek, modern aesthetic.
They lack bulky frames, allowing the glass to take center stage.


  • Minimalistic and visually appealing design.
  • Easy maintenance with fewer crevices for grime buildup.
  • Create an open and spacious ambiance.
framed glass shower door

Classic Charm

Framed doors feature metal frames surrounding the glass panels.
They offer a more traditional appearance.


  • Budget-friendly choice.
  • Easier installation, suitable for DIY projects.
  • Versatile design options and hardware attachments.
framed glass shower door

Balanced Design

Semi-frameless doors combine aspects of frameless and framed styles.
Minimal framing enhances structural stability.


  • Strike a balance between modern aesthetics and affordability.
  • Easy installation, appealing to DIY enthusiasts.
  • Structural integrity without the bulk of full frames.
sliding glass shower door

Space-Saving Brilliance

Sliding doors operate on tracks, conserving space.
Ideal for bathrooms with limited room for swinging doors.


  • Optimal for compact bathrooms, maximizing space.
  • Modern and streamlined appearance.
  • Practicality of easy sliding operation.
hinged glass shower door

Functional Simplicity

Hinged doors swing open like traditional doors.
Available in both framed and frameless variations.


  • Wide entryway, facilitating easy access.
  • Efficient sealing reduces water leakage.
  • Customizable with diverse hardware options.
Curved glass shower door

Graceful Sophistication

Curved doors introduce elegance with their unique shape.
Often come in semi-frameless or frameless designs.


  • Striking focal point, enhancing visual appeal.
  • Ample elbow room within the shower.
  • Fit well in various bathroom sizes.

Transform your bathroom into a luxurious oasis with custom shower enclosures from Five Islands Glass in Charleston. Experience the perfect blend of elegance and functionality with our tailored frameless, semi-frameless, framed, or corner shower enclosures. Don’t wait any longer to elevate your bathroom space – contact Five Islands Glass today for a consultation and bring your dream shower enclosure to life.

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Our Custom Glass Services

We specialize in a wide array of custom glass services in Charleston, ranging from shower enclosures to elegant glass shelves and mirrors. Our dedication to craftsmanship and attention to detail is evident in each piece we create, tailored to meet the unique needs and style preferences of our clients. Whether you seek a modern glass shower enclosure, custom-designed glass shelves for practical storage solutions, or intricately crafted mirrors to enhance your space, we deliver excellence in every project.

With a focus on quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction, our custom glass services elevate the aesthetics and functionality of any Charleston home or business, reflecting their commitment to premium craftsmanship and design.

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